We very much appreciate all you have done to make this conference a success. We truly wish we had the funding to offer complete reimbursement for all conference related expenses for each and every one of you.


We try our very best to reimburse as many of your expenses as possible. The conference staff are all volunteers and receive no payment in order to try to keep our costs down and make the conference available to as many students as possible. And we very much appreciate your willingness to join us in these efforts. To those of you who are able to choose a charitable tax deduction instead of reimbursement, we are also very grateful.


Your reimbursement will be determined by your conference agreement and available funding. This may include:

1. Lodging and Transportation.


2. Lodging.

Note: We are unable to grant reimbursement for food or other travel or conference related expenses. Food will be provided at the conference.




1. Please download and complete the following Reimbursement Form

2. Make copies of your Lodging & Transportation Receipts

3. Send 1. and 2. as attachments to Bob Arrington at: rna32000@yahoo.com  or Bob’s address is 30 Knollcrest, Hillsborough, CA 94010

4. Please complete the above as soon as possible and no later than  1 November 2013


Thank you very much again.

God Bless You!

If you have questions please contact Bob Arrington at 650-619-4997 or email rna32000@yahoo.com