David Levy, MD

Dr. David Levy is a neurovascular surgeon specializing in the treatment of aneurysms and other blood vessel diseases of the brain and spine. He attended Emory Medical School in Atlanta, Georgia obtaining his Neurosurgical Training at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He completed a Fellowship in Endovascular Neurosurgery at the University of Vienna, Austria allowing him to repair brain aneurysms entering the femoral artery without opening up the skull. This high-risk specialty includes emergency procedures to remove blood clots in the brains of stroke victims.

Dr. Levy consults with several companies assisting them in development of more effective devices for treatment of stroke. He has published in scientific articles in the neurosurgical literature and in 2011 wrote the book Gray Matter. The book details the dramatic intersection of medicine and faith as David openly shares the practice of skilled medicine while offering to pray with his patients. The transforming stories in the book demonstrate how prayer changed his approach to patient care.

An engaging and accomplished speaker, Dr. Levy has been a recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and being voted as one of America’s Top Surgeons in 2010 – 2013. He has also been the recipient of the Best Doctor Award annually since 2007. His pastime includes physical fitness as well as caring for the poor and less fortunate. Dr. Levy has been practicing neurosurgery in San Diego, California since 1997. Since he began offering to pray with patients, he has seen remarkable results. This site is an extension of the story of Dr. Levy’s practice of praying with patients and experiencing the intersection of medicine and faith.